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The most beautiful beaches near Lisbon


Discover the most beautiful beaches near Lisbon: an unforgettable itinerary


After strolling the streets of Lisbon, are you looking forward to relaxing on the sandy beaches? Set off to discover the most beautiful beaches near Lisbon. Here’s an unforgettable 3-day itinerary less than an hour from the capital.


Day 1: Beaches in Cascais


Start your journey in Cascais, a charming coastal town just 30 minutes from Lisbon by train. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of its golden beaches. Praia da Rainha and Praia da Conceição are among the most popular, offering crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings. Enjoy lunch in one of the seaside seafood restaurants.


Day 2: Head for Sesimbra and one of the most beautiful beaches: Praia do Ouro


On the second day, head for Sesimbra, a small coastal town around an hour from Lisbon. Its beaches are hidden gems of the region. Start with Praia do Ouro, a golden sandy beach ideal for swimming. Then head to Praia da Figueirinha, a secluded beach surrounded by impressive cliffs. Finish your day exploring Sesimbra’s charming city centre and enjoying fresh seafood in one of the local restaurants.


Day 3: Discover Setúbal


On your third day, set off for Setúbal, a town located around 45 minutes from Lisbon by car. Explore Praia da Comporta, an unspoilt beach of white sand and crystal-clear water close to Setúbal. You can also visit the Arrábida Natural Park, where you’ll find other stunning beaches such as Praia dos Coelhos and Praia do Creiro. Take time to admire the panoramic view from Palmela Castle before returning to Lisbon.



This trip will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the Lisbon region, including those at Sesimbra. Between the charm of Cascais, the beauty of Sesimbra and the unspoilt nature of Setúbal, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable adventure just minutes from the Portuguese capital. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costume, sun cream and camera to capture these magical moments on the beaches of the Lisbon region. Enjoy this exceptional experience of beaches and cultural discoveries on your next visit to Portugal.