Among the most beautiful seaside resorts in Portugal

The best of Sesimbra

  1. The superb sandy beach that stretches all the way through the town of Sesimbra.
  2. The delicious fish and seafood offered by the marisqueiras, the restaurants for which Sesimbra is famous.
  3. Panoramic views from the ramparts of the Castelo de Sesimbra castle.
  4. Kayak trips, boat trips, surfing on the Costa da Caparica and the best diving spots in Portugal. The discovery of hiking and cycling trails in the Serra da Arrabida.
  5. The dynamic and welcoming “vacation” atmosphere.

The magnificent beaches

West of Sesimbra are the idyllic beaches of Serra da Arrabida, the area known as Portinho da Arrábida. These beaches, which are among the most beautiful in Portugal, as they offer clear waters and soft golden sand against a backdrop of superb mountains. The most popular beaches in this region are Praia do Creiro, Praia da Galapa and Praia da Figueirinha.

The beaches of Sesimbra: Praia da Califórnia, Praia do Ouro, Praia do Creiro, Praia da Galapa, Praia da Figueirinha, Praia do Meco, Lagoa de Albufeira.

Excursions & activities

Sesimbra is located in an area endowed with fantastic diverse natural beauty. To the east, we find the hills of the Serra da Arrabida, which conceals a coastline filled with beautiful beaches with calm waters. To the west are the impressive cliffs and stormy seas of Cabo Espichel, as well as the almost deserted beaches of the Costa da Caparica.

Also visit the old Sesimbra Castle which dates back to the time of the Moors (8th to 11th centuries) and offers panoramic views of Sesimbra from the top of its ramparts.

Activities: Kayaking, diving, boating, cycling, hiking, surfing, …

Fantastic gastronomy

Sesimbra is famous for its seafood, which is reflected in its local specialties, normally based on catches from the town’s fishing fleet.

The most popular dish is Arroz de Marisco, a hearty casserole dish that contains several types of seafood and sticky rice. It is served in a large terracotta dish that is shared between the guests.

You can also do a wine tasting in Azeitão town, the heart of the wine part of the Setubal region.

The authentic & friendly atmosphere

The dynamic and welcoming “holiday” atmosphere makes Sesimbra an ideal destination.

It is an authentic city thanks to the family-run marisqueiras (Portuguese seafood restaurants) that can be found in the small alleys of the city and in Cabo Espichel, a wild cape that houses an unusual church.